Jan 4, 2010

Christmas is Over....But Inspiration can Still be Found: Part 2

I promised more wonderful combinations, and here they are! I couldn't believe all of the spectacular trees I found at Navy Pier on New Year's Eve. I was oohing and aahing with every step!!!

This tree reminded me of my own wedding. I love the simplicity of golds, browns and champagnes. Again, please excuse the poor picture quality!

This color combination fits perfectly into an autumn setting. Light shades of pink and peach complement it well, along with shades of soft amber light.

Red and Aqua was a hot trend this year in weddings. And anyone can understand why when they look at this stunning tree! 

I found so many amazing weddings with red and aqua or red and teal as a color combination, it was so hard to choose inspiration boards that I wanted to share. So, here are two!  Red and aqua allow you to make your wedding fun and vibrant, or elegant and modern with a fun twist.

Another unexpected, yet trendy color that has been popping up in weddings lately is yellow. And, I would've have never expected to see this on a Christmas tree. But, alas, at Navy Pier, I did. And, I love it!

Usually, yellow and black reminds me of bumble bees and sunflowers. But, now it makes me think of Christmas! Actually, it doesn't, but it does inspire me with weddings! Again, I couldn't choose! Yellow and black goes perfectly with any formal setting. It gives it a perfect French Nouveau feeling, while still being fresh and fun.

Source: Easy Weddings

Source: Paper Olive

Next time you're out, whether it's in a department store, an art gallery, a neighbor's home, or wherever, I hope you find a little inspiration. Or, at least, something sweet!

Christmas is Over...But Inspiration Can Still be Found: Part 1

Sadly, the holidays are behind us... but before I completely let them go, I had to share some amazing inspiration I found on New Year's Eve. I was in Chicago at Navy Pier and they had the most amazing display called Winter Wonderfest.  Inside were lights throughout the entire room and lots of fun rides and attractions for little ones.  And among all of this, I found incredibly decorated Christmas trees that serve as wonderful inspirations for a wedding at any time of year.  Want to see?!?!?

First, I will apologize in advance for the poor picture quality of the trees. I only had my iPhone with me!
This beautiful blue and gold tree greeted us as we entered the room.

Imagine your wedding during the winter months or even late summer in these beautiful shades of blue and gold and cream.

Source: Kelly Oshire

Next, I stumbled into this red and black Christmas tree. Red and BLACK! Who would've ever thought black on a Christmas tree could look so amazing!?!

So chic and modern, yet very elegant! Red and black can be used for any formal wedding throught the year and still spell L-O-V-E!

Fun and vibrant, this bright pink and purple tree reminded me of a candy store!

Delicious and Sweet! And a perfectly pretty combination for a springtime wedding!  And equally delicious for a mid-summer or late fall wedding!

Up next, even more wonderful color combinations!

Dec 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I can't believe Christmas is here! It is my favorite holiday by far!!!
I hope your Christmas is bright and exceptionally sweet.
And I hope the gifts you receive are filled with love and joy.

As for our Christmas, I made this sweet dessert to share, along with lots of presents!

Dec 17, 2009

Holiday Dinner: Setting the Table

Every year, I host my family for the holidays. I love setting up the table to help add to the Christmas cheer. Last year I used mini stockings to hold the silverware with a simple napkin folded underneath.  And, of course, I had red chargers and Christmas plates too!  

Then, my centerpiece was a vase filled with cranberries and candles.

The year before that, I wrapped up my napkins in Jingle Bells and set my plates on gold chargers.

And my centerpiece was awesome! I filled a vase with little bells - it was so cute!

Source: Mad in Crafts

And this year, as you know, my home is decked out in purple and gold. I have a poinsetta from a friend, Thank You!, on top of a gold platter, surrounded by gold garland and purple candles. I haven't decided yet on how I'll do my napkins, but here are a few great ideas for those of you entertaining at home.

Holly Napkin Holders, Source: Martha

Tree shaped napkin rings, Source: Martha

Ornament Napkin Ring, Source: BHG

Another great idea would be to slip your napkins into a cookie cutter. And then place a cookie on top of each plate with the person's name attached.

Source: Amazon

Now that would be sweet!

It's a Nice Day for a (red and) White Wedding

If this doesn't inspire you to have a Christmas wedding, I don't know what does.

Source: Flickr

Red and White is such a beautiful and simple combination, whether it's Christmastime, Valentine's Day or the peak of Summer. Oooh - Christmas Wedding in July!!!

Here are a few ideas on how to make your Christmastime Wedding memorable and sweet.
I adore these simple bridesmaid dresses.

Source: The Knot

This manzanita tree makes me swoon. Crystals adorned on the branches would make it even sweeter.

Source: Lotushaus

These branches are even more romantic.

And of course Martha knows how to set the table!

I love the look of lush petals lining the aisle, whether it is indoors or out.

This inspiration board is perfect!

Hope your Christmas wedding is sweet!

Dec 16, 2009

Vintage Christmas Decor

I love Christmas more than any other holiday! I love how it continuously brings families together year after year to celebrate traditions, old and new.  Speaking of old, I absolutely love the look of a vintage Christmas. Decorations were simple, passed down from generation to generation, and the colors were magnificent!
I love these different looks, from pinks to whites, to blues and greens.

Source: Digs Digs

My favorite look from above is the vintage pink Christmas. It's so romantic! Don't these vintage cards make you want to watch It's a Wonderful Life? I bet if that movie was done in color they would've had pinks and blues throughout their home!

And when you decorate with pink there are so many possibilities! The sweetness of pink comes through whether you pair it with reds, silvers, blues or greens.  I love the combinations!

Source: Flickr

This tree is amazing! Reds, golds and pink make such a gorgeous Christmas display.

And my favorite pink Christmas is just incredibly sweet. It's a Sugar Kissed Christmas from Two Crazy Crafters complete with vintage Santas and Elves, and their very own Sugar Kissed Tree.

Dec 14, 2009

Holiday Colors: Purple, Plum & Gold

Every year, I can't wait until I can put up my tree and decorate the house. Christmas is my favorite time of year, so much, that I contemplated a December or January wedding for myself... but I knew an outdoor wedding in 5 degree weather would not work...

This year, I decided to do something different when decorating my home for the holidays. Instead of traditional red and green, or even silver and gold, I found some beautiful plum and purple ornaments for my tree and some gorgeous decorations for my home.

Source: Martha Stewart at Kmart

I love these home decor photos of gorgeous purples and golds used throughout the home for the holidays. It makes me want to paint my walls a rich shade of purple and buy a gold tree!

Source: Ideal Home

Source: Daily Mail

Of course, as I was decorating my home, I couldn't help but think how beautiful this color scheme could be for a winter wedding! I have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head! 
Check out this beautiful inspiration board!

Source: Utah Bride

You can even stick with traditional Christmas plants and have purple poinsetta.

Source: Beekenkamp

Purples and Golds can be used at any time of year, but I think the color really stands out during the holidays.

More holiday color ideas will be coming soon!

Dec 9, 2009

Another Treat to Consider

The holidays have been crazy - but I have lots of great ideas coming!
But, first, one more post about sweets, because, of course, I love them!!!

Macaroons are all the rage right now and make a perfect treat or guest favor. I love that you can make them in any color or flavor combination to perfectly match your style.

Source: Flicker